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Home Dedication Plaque Antique Marble



Home Dedication

The Melchizedek Priesthood Handbook notes that Church members may dedicate their homes, whether or not they are free of debt, as sacred edifices where the Holy Spirit may reside.  A member may dedicate his home as a sanctuary where his family can worship, find safety from the world, grow spiritually, and prepare for eternal family relationships.  To dedicate your home, you might gather your family members around you and offer a special prayer that would include the elements mentioned above or other appropriate thoughts.

This plaque has been lovingly created for your family as a daily reminder of the purpose of our homes.  May you enjoy the peace and comfort the Spirit brings to homes that focus on studying and living the commandments of God; and where we can learn to pray, sacrifice, and forgive.  The home is where we learn to live in love and harmony eternally.  It is our hope that this plaque will inspire a commitment to invite the Spirit of the Lord into our homes, for after all, it is His home as well as ours.

Resin - ribbon not included - We used 1 yard on the plaques displayed here.

6.75" x 6.75" x 0.5"

Price:  $9.95