LDS Christmas Gifts

Give a gift that reminds your family and loved ones of God's greatest gift to us -- His Son. Our items are designed to serve as daily reminders of our relationship with Christ and the blessings we receive through His birth. There is no better season to give an inspiring memento of this.

We offer great LDS Christmas gifts for your family and loved ones no matter what their age. Your family and friends will love a plaque commemorating the dedication of their home. Dads, sons, and brothers can proudly wear ties that remind them to always wear the armor of God. Children in Primary can enjoy fun keepsakes as they strive to memorize the Articles of Faith and be kind to others.

Whether they are meant to stand alone or serve as thoughtful stocking stuffers, the beauty and message of these gifts can make a lasting impression and remind your loved ones throughout the year of the spirit of Christ that is so prevalent during the Christmas season.

Christmas is an opportunity to give of ourselves and to bless the lives of others.  There are hearts to gladden, kind words to say, gifts to be given, deeds to be done, and souls to be saved.  When we keep the spirit of Christmas, we keep the spirit of Christ - the very reason for the season.  

We have produced these LDS Christmas Gift items to share with others and help us remember why we celebrate this blessed time of year.  These gifts can be a daily reminder of the things we hold most dear.

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LDS Christmas Gift Ideas

Home Dedication Plaque
Home Dedication Plaque
Armor of God Black Tie
AOG Black Tie
Book of Mormon translated by Joesph Smith.  Symbols are known as the Anthon Characters
Book of Mormon Plate
CTR Ring
New CTR Ring

Great Stocking Stuffers

Salt Lake Christmas Temple Pin
SLC Christmas Temple Pin
Salt Lake Temple Mirror Finish Coin
Temple Coins
Salt Lake Temple Cufflinks
Temple Cufflinks
LDS Mission Coin
Called to Serve Mission Coin
Armor of God Pendants
Armor of God Pendants
2012 CTR Primary Coin
Primary Coin
Articles of Faith Coins
Articles of Faith Coins
Scripture Pulls
Scripture Pulls