The CTR Ring

In 1970 a committee of eight women was called to come up with a new program for the 6 and 7 year old children of the church.  It was decided the children needed a "badge of belief".  At first the committee thought about dropping the word "the", but later decided it was the most important word of the phrase.  Norma Nichols, a member of that committee said, "Choosing right could mean many things, but choosing the right meant there was only one way."
Coy Miles was contracted to come up with a design for the ring and Joel Izatt did the artwork.  The shield represents "shielding" the children from temptation.  The green background was chosen to represent the evergreen tree because it doesn't change from season to season. The original rings sold for 35 cents.
The phrase "Choose the Right" doesn't appear anywhere in the scriptures.  Brigham Young mentioned it in a talk he gave in 1864.  "God rules and reigns and has made all his children as free as himself to choose the right or the wrong."  It wasn't until Joseph Townsend used the phrase 14 times in the LDS hymn "Choose the Right", that the words became significant in LDS culture.
Gordon B. Hinckley announced the new "CTR" curriculum at General Conference in 1970.  As part of this new program, children ages 6 and 7 received one of the new CTR rings.

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