Church of Jesus Christ Gifts - Symbols of Zion

Welcome to Symbols of Zion where you'll find the perfect Church of Jesus Christ gifts. We offer products that serve as reminders for all members young and old. We desire for Young Men to strengthen and honor their Priesthood by carrying the Armor of God coin; Young Women as beloved daughters of God, to hold on to the Young Women Values by wearing the Armor of God pendant; Activity Day Girls to have Faith in God and prepare for Young Women's by memorizing the Articles of Faith coins; Cub Scouts to prepare to receive the Aaronic Priesthood and enter Young Men's; and Primary children to Choose the Right by giving them a CTR Ring.

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Are you planning an Church of Jesus Christ Pioneer Trek, Youth Conference, Young Men/Scouts High Adventure or Young Women's Camp? Let Symbols of Zion help you design custom, affordable products that will reinforce gospel principles during these faith building programs and activities.  Give a gift they will never forget.  See some of our custom designs made specifically for these types of activities.